Review of 2019 graphic. Photos of highlights from the year.
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Year in Review: 2019

The closing of a year gives us the opportunity to remember and reflect on the last 365 days. What seemed like a trying and challenging year, was filled with so many amazing opportunities and areas of growth.  Enjoy this video that I put together reviewing this past year!

New Art Works

-25 new paintings
-11 new drawings
-16 Inktober sketches
-5 special projects

Art Exhibitions

-Participated in 16 exhibitions
-Exhibited 63 pieces of art

Exciting Art Opportunities

-Participated in my first art market at Community Arts of Elmira – Community Arts Market
-Attended Perspectives From the Porch artist retreat at Quarry Farm 
-Opened booth at The Shoppes at Oldies But Goodies

Blog Posts

I got the opportunity to write about so many different things this year.  Click on the post title to read any you may have missed.  I also created a page that shows all of the waterfall paintings for my 50 New York Waterfalls Project with link to their blog post (click here).

Thank you so much for your support in 2019!

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