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Waterfall Wednesday: Twin Falls Upper Falls

Twin Falls is the subject of today’s Waterfall Wednesday, specifically the upper falls of the two found in this location (Lower Falls will be talked about later on).  Twin Falls is located in Watkins Glen along Glen Creek in Sugar Hill State Forest just a few miles upstream from Watkins Glen State Park (you can read more about waterfalls in Watkins Glen State Park: Triple Cascade and Cavern Cascade).  

Unlike the well-known tourist spot, Twin Falls is more secluded and not nearly as developed.  The falls can be found near Templar Road and Van Zandt Hollow Road (sometimes the waterfall is also referred to as Templar Falls).  It’s a little difficult to spot the trail from the road, I ended up passing by the area numerous times before I finally spotted it.  The trail is a bit overgrown (or at least it was when I visited) however it’s a short distance to the waterfalls – maybe about a quarter mile.    

Twin Falls, photograph, 2018
Twin Falls, photograph, 2018
Twin Falls, photograph, 2018

To get a good view of the falls, you have to walk across the creek.  There’s a place upstream where the stream comes together a little and the water isn’t as deep depending on how much rain we’ve gotten recently. 

The upper portion of Twin Falls is about 15 feet tall. 

My favorite part of my visit to Twin Falls (and later painting it) was that I went towards evening and the sun was starting to lower in the sky.  The warm light gleamed through the green leaves making them appear as if they were glowing. 

Twin Falls Upper Falls, 6x6 acrylic on wood panel, 2018

Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes

These are the last couple of days of the Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes solo exhibition showing nine of my waterfall paintings from my recent project of 50 New York Waterfalls. 

The show can be viewed during business hours at First Heritage Federal Credit Union (23 West Market Street, Corning) through Friday December 14th.

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