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Waterfall Wednesday: Tinker Falls

Tinker Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Labrador Hollow Unique Area in Tully, New York.  The waterfall drops 50 feet from a Tully Limestone capstone (similar to Carpenter Falls, Cowshed Falls, and (upcoming) Ludlowville Falls) then flows another 30 feet down through a rocky cascade during a high flow seasons.    

Photo of Tinder Falls trail Labrador Hollow Unique Area Tully NY by Laura Jaen Smith
Tinker Falls Path, photograph, 2018

One of my favorite things about this waterfall is how easy it was to get to.  The parking is free and just across the street from the trailhead (careful crossing the street – it is along a highway).  The trail is handicap accessible for the majority of the trail.  The ground is paved and mostly level until you get up to where the waterfall is.  From that point it is not longer wheelchair accessible and there are steep steps to actually get up right next to and underneath the waterfall.  However you still get a view of the waterfall similar to below if you stay on the paved path. 

The day I visited Tinker Falls, I also visited five other waterfalls.  It was a hot day, I got a late start, and if I remember right this waterfall was number 4 out of 6 this day.  

I had just finished testing my patience while hiking Fillmore Glen State Park and finding out that the waterfall I was going to visit had a closed trail just 100 feet before I got to that part of the trail.  I tested my fear of heights climbing along the edge of loose dirt at Carpenter Falls to get a good shot.  I tested my new brakes driving along the steep hills down to see Bucktail Falls.  And I still had two other waterfalls ahead to visit before calling it a day.  So at the point I arrived to Tinker Falls, I wasn’t able to really take the time to enjoy and explore more.  

Photo of Tinder Falls Labrador Hollow Unique Area Tully NY by Laura Jaen Smith
Tinker Falls, photograph, 2018

After researching the Labrador Hollow Unique Area a little bit more for writing this blog post, I found that this area has a lot to offer!  Did you know there’s a wetland to explore?  There’s a wheelchair accessible boardwalk throughout it with benches and it features a beautiful view of Labrador Pond at the end.  Speaking of Labrador Pond – you can fish and canoe there.  Nearby you can even go hang gliding from Jones Hill!  Oh, and the views!  This just might to a fun place to visit this fall as the leaves are changing.  Of course, I probably should mention that the area is also a good place to visit in the winter too with the Labrador Mountain Ski Resort.

Have you ever been?  I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Tinker Falls by Laura Jaen Smith. Acrylic landscape painting of waterfall Tully Labrador Hollow Unique Area. 50 NY Waterfalls Project.
Tinker Falls, 6x6 acrylic on wood panel, 2018

Painting this waterfall was fun.  It was the 41st painting in the project, which means that it was just about during the time when I was a week out from the deadline and I was focusing on painting one to two paintings each day while binging on podcasts (Serial and Reply All) .  It was one of the paintings that seemed to come together well quickly (maybe due to the practice of painting 40 prior to this one).  I really enjoyed playing with the warm and cool tones to create the the light and shadows of the rocky areas. 

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