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Three Years Ago Today…

 Have you ever had those moments that you look back on and think, “That was the day that might have changed everything”?  I guess there’s a lot of different points in my life that I could pinpoint to say that they were pivotal in some important way, however the one I want to take a moment to talk about was three years ago on this date.  
     Facebook has a wonderful feature to show previous posts from the exact day.  Normally I browse through them quickly.  Sometimes if they are cute or funny I will share them with my friends.  However, I wanted to make a special point to celebrate a couple that had come up today in my memories.
     I had been taking a drawing class for fun at the local community college in Laramie, Wyoming and was invited to take part in my first gallery show ever.  Today was the opening reception of the show which I had two pieces being displayed.  Red, a hard pastel drawing on black pastel paper, and Downtown Laramie, an acrylic painting on canvas board. 
     I had met up with some of my other classmates who had art in the show.  It was a small show in one of the stores downtown which features local made artwork called Works of Wyoming.  After talking art with friends I walked around downtown taking pictures and grabbed some lunch before heading home.  By the time I had gotten home and looked on my computer, I had found out that Red had already sold!
     It will always be an important day for  me (even if I don’t always remember the exact date).  The day that I had my first gallery showing.  The day that I sold my first piece of art.  A day that put me on the path I want to be in life.
Brown and white Conte hard pastel on black Canson Mi-Tientes pastel paper 
“Downtown Laramie” 
Acrylic painting on canvas panel 
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