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    Quarry Farm Art

    Quarry Farm Art blog cover

    I took some WordPress seminars the other day and learned some new tricks – I’d love to have your feedback. I’m looking forward to playing around with some of the different things I learned. If there’s something you particularly liked (or didn’t) let me know. However, that’s not what this…

  • Art History

    Landscape With Rainbow

    Landscape with Rainbow blog cover

    By now you’ve probably listened to the moving words by Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, engaged in a game of real life Where’s Waldo with Bernie and his Mittens throughout your social media feeds, and enjoyed the monochronic fashions of the day.  The arts definitely continue to be a big…

  • Art Tip

    Painting Tip for Contrast

    artist trick for contrast blog cover

    I’m just about finished with my newest painting and I thought it would be a perfect time to share a trick that I use when I’m just about done with a new work. If you’ve been following my social media lately, you probably know that I’ve been working on this…

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    Virtual House Tour

    Displaying Art interactive blog post cover

    Have you ever found yourself saying that you have no room for new art in your house?  You’ll enjoy today’s interactive home tour where I show you some of my favorite ways to display small art!  (You might even get some ideas of where to sneak some more in in…