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    January 2023 Events

    Things are slowing down a little for the month of January.  There’s one new show coming up later this week, one continuing through the month, and of course you can still find my artwork up at Vines of New York.  I hope you’re staying warm and had wonderful holidays. As…

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    December Events

    Lots of things happening in December!  I’ve been busy with gallery runs this past week – I’m excited to have so many things going on in so many different places.  I hope you get a moment to visit.   Would you like to stay in the loop about my 2023 calendar? …

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    100 Day Project 2022: Part 4

    100 Day Project Part 4 blog cover

    New week, new update!  This is what I’ve been up to for days 19 through 27 of the 100 Day Project.  If you’re not familiar with the 100 Day Project or want to take a look at the previous days, check out my recent blog posts.   When I was thinking…

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    100 Day Project 2022: Part 3

    100 Day Project Part 3 blog cover

    Let’s do another 100 Day Project update.  Last update covered days 1 through 7, this one let’s look at days 8 through 18.  A small refresher for anyone not familiar with the 100 Day Project.  It’s an event where people around the world commit to 100 days exploring their creativity…

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    Palettes of Keuka: Part 2

    Palettes of Keuka part 2 blog cover

    This week I’m sharing more about my painting process.  While I’m specifically speaking about painting the palette for the Palettes of Keuka in this blog post, I follow a similar process for other projects.  I’ve compiled pictures of the process and video clips from the 100 Day Project that showed…

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    Palettes of Keuka: Part 1

    Palettes of Keuka part 1 blog cover

    Guess what’s happening today!?  I’m a little excited!  (If you couldn’t tell.)  Bidding for the Palettes of Keuka opens today!!  When I was invited to participate in Palettes of Keuka this year I was so excited!  In honor of the bidding starting for this event, I’m sharing what inspired my…