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    Happy Birthday Victorine Meurent

    Happy Birthday Victorine Meurent blog cover

    Happy Birthday Victorine Meurent, born February 18, 1844!  I learned about Meurent when I recently researched for the Manet blog this past month.  With her birthday coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share what I learned about this artist and muse. Early Life…

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    Happy Birthday Edouard Manet

    Happy Birthday Manet blog cover

    Happy Birthday to Edouard Manet, born January 23th 1832!  Edouard Manet (not to be confused with his friend Claude Monet) was considered the Father of Modernism as his style bridged the transition from realism to impressionism.   Self Portrait with Palette, Edouard Manet, 1879 The Spanish Singer, Edouard Manet, 1860 Early…

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    Happy Birthday Berthe Morisot

    Happy Birthday Berthe Morisot blog cover

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Berthe Morisot, born January 14th 1841!  I was excited to learn more about this artist – she is one that I had run across several times while reading and researching other Impressionists, but it was nice to finally focus completely on her and her art. Self…

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    Happy Birthday Monet!

    Happy Birthday Monet blog cover

    Did you know that today is one of my favorite artists’ birthday?  I had the awesome opportunity to view many of his paintings and inspirations in person a few years ago in Buffalo.  You can read more about the experience here.   To celebrate his birthday, here are some quick fun facts…

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    Happy Birthday Mary Cassatt

    Mary Cassatt was an American painter born in Pennsylvania (near the Pittsburgh area) born May 22, 1844.  She was born to an upper middle class family who believed that travel was an essential part of learning about the world.  Mary was fortunate to be able to travel to Europe as part…

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    Happy Birthday Van Gogh

    Happy Birthday to my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh!  Born this day, March 30th, 1853.  Van Gogh was a Post-Impressionist who was known for his impasto swirls of bold colors.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Denver Art Museum’s special exhibit Becoming Van Gogh a few years…

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    Happy Birthday Renoir

    In honor of French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s birthday, here is a little bit about him and his accomplishments! Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil (1873) Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born this day, February 25, 1841.  He lived until the age of 78, however if still alive today he would be 176!…

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    Happy Birthday Manet

    Today would have been French painter Edouard Manet’s birthday.  Edouard Manet – not to be confused with fellow Impressionist Claude Monet – was part of the impressionist movement.  Impressionism is one of my favorite artistic movements. In celebration of Manet’s birthday, here are some facts this artist:  ​ He was…

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    Happy Birthday Monet

    Did you know that today is one of my favorite artists’ birthday?  I had the awesome opportunity to view many of his paintings and inspirations in person last spring in Buffalo.  You can read more about the experience here.  To celebrate, some quick fun facts about Claude Monet: Claude Monet was…

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    Art Adventure: Monet

    Photo of entrance to Monet: Impressionist Revolution exhibition at Albright-Knox Art Gallery Buffalo NY by Laura Jaen Smith.

    Anyone that knows me, knows that I have the tendency to get a little turned around when traveling somewhere new.  Of course my trip last month was no different.  The goal of the day was to go enjoy an afternoon of art in Buffalo for the last weekend of the Monet…