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    A Tradition of Hand-Painted Ornaments

    A tradition of hand-painted ornaments blog cover

    About a decade ago, I started a tradition of hand-painting ornaments for family and friends.  It all started because I wanted to be able to give special gifts even though money was short at that time.  The ornaments went over well and I continued the tradition every year after.   Some…

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    Inktober 2018: Recap Week 4

    Inktober 2018 Days 22-28 blog cover

    Just a few days left of the month and of the Inktober challenge!  (If you’d like to look back on the past weeks you can do so here – Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.) Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker which encourages artists to create a drawing each…

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    Merry Christmas

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!  May you have a wonderful day celebrating in your own special way!  What is your favorite holiday tradition? One of my favorite traditions started while I was in college.  Money was always extra tight but this particular year it was…