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    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Valentines day gift ideas blog cover

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite valentine and love themed art for you to check out.  This isn’t a theme that I work with often, so I’m always surprised just how many pieces of art I can find with this theme and color palette.  Take…

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    Hand-Painted Birdhouses

    Hand-Painted Birdhouses blog cover. Image with two big orchid birdhouses and four small birdhouses.

    One of the types of projects that I’ve been working on the last couple of months is hand-painted birdhouses.  I really like being able to bring what would normally be a 2D painting and transform it into a 3D piece of art.   The most popular one I painted was the…

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    Orchids blog cover

    I thought I’d do something a little different today and share more about one of my most popular painting series – Orchids.   A little over a year ago I bought myself a white orchid plant and have been a bit obsessed with how beautiful it is since.  White Orchid with…