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    Fun Fact Friday: The Last of the Etruscans

    Fun Fact Friday graphic - When the Romans conquered Volsinii from the Etruscans in 265 BCE they confiscated 2000 bronze statues and melted them for coinage.

    So you’ve been reading along the last several Fridays and you’ve been thinking, why have I never heard of this ancient civilization before?  (Or if you haven’t been reading along and need to catch up you can go here.)  Well, it may have something to do with the old Winston Churchill…

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    Fun Fact Friday: The Etruscans and Sculpture

    Fun Fact Friday graphic - Etruscans broke away from the Greek tradition of idealized youthful bodies by sculpting more realistic mature versions of their subjects. This was also later seen in Roman sculpture.

    Happy Friday!  Did you know that the ancient civilization of the Etruscans is my favorite civilization?  If you answered no that means you probably haven’t been following along with my blog this past month.  You can go catch up over here. This week a little bit about their sculpture and how…