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    Artist Trick for Finding Colors (Revisited)

    artist trick for finding colors blog cover

    Swatching your colors.  I thought this post would be a great one to visit again.  Having a key for how my paints interact has been really helpful with colors like red and yellow that I don’t work with as often.   I finally listened to a piece of art advice that…

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    6 Favorite Autumn Spots That Inspire

    6 favorite autumn spots that inspire blog cover

    The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors in the area!  Here’s a look back at some of my favorite spots to enjoy the changing leaves.  Do you have a favorite place? If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve likely noticed the trees have been turning beautiful colors this past…

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    4 Favorite Waterfalls to Visit in Winter

    4 favorite waterfalls to visit in winter blog cover

    If you’re in the northern part of the country, cold weather is likely here for a couple more months.  I generally like to hibernate inside for most of the winter and dream of warmer days, however sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and experience a change of…

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    Winter Art Show

    Winter art show interactive art gallery blog cover

    For today’s blog, let’s take a look back at another Interactive art show that I put together last year – this time featuring winter-themed paintings that I’ve created over the years.  Hope you enjoy exploring the gallery and have happy and safe holidays.  Today’s interactive blog takes us back to…

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    November Virtual Art Show – Pt 3

    Virtual fall art show interactive blog cover

    Today let’s look back at the third gallery room of fall art.  Have you enjoyed revisiting the virtual galleries and would like more?  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week! Today I get to share the last part of this project with you!  Please enjoy the interactive art show that…

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    April Events

    april events graphic

    The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and new events in the arts are starting to pop up!  After a long year, it’s exciting to see more things available to experience the arts.  Here’s what I have going on for April! Clemens & the Pen: Studio…

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    March Meet the Maker (Part 4)

    March Meet the Maker: Days 22-31 blog cover

    Today we’re finishing up the last part of the March Meet the Maker series.  Are there any questions or things you’ve been wondering more about that I didn’t talk about in the series? If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks, you can catch up here: –Part 1 –Part 2…

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    March Meet the Maker (Part 3)

    March Meet the Maker: Days: 15-21 blog cover

    Today we’re continuing with week 3 of the March Meet the Maker.  If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks, you can catch up here: –Part 1 –Part 2 Focus & Priorities Focus and priorities are things that I’ve learned to be very intentional about.  I have a tendency to…