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    Fun Fact Friday: The Last of the Etruscans

    Fun Fact Friday graphic - When the Romans conquered Volsinii from the Etruscans in 265 BCE they confiscated 2000 bronze statues and melted them for coinage.

    So you’ve been reading along the last several Fridays and you’ve been thinking, why have I never heard of this ancient civilization before?  (Or if you haven’t been reading along and need to catch up you can go here.)  Well, it may have something to do with the old Winston Churchill…

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    Fun Fact Friday: The Etruscans and Portraits

    Fun Fact Friday graphic - Etruscans were one of the first civilizations to use True Portraiture (capturing the image and character of a specific person instead of generic figures).

    I’m still talking about the Etruscans (they are my favorite ancient civilization after all).  And this might just be the thing I find most interesting about them! The Etruscans broke away from the generic style of drawing portraits used by the Egyptians and Greeks and began portraying individualized detail of…

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    Fun Fact Friday: The Etruscans Pt3

    Fun Fact Friday graphic - Etruscan art was greatly influenced by Greek culture. This influence can be seen in their connection to current subjects, materials, and style trends from Greece.

    Do you know about the Etruscans? They’re one of my favorite ancient civilizations and existed between the Greek and Roman periods. I watched a fascinating documentary series on Great Courses called the Mysterious Etruscans about them recently.  Many people don’t know about this ancient civilization and their impact on history,…