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Summer Mosaic Recap: Days 22-28

Exciting news!  I just wrapped up my current projects which means that I can get started on this year’s Mosaic project (kind of)!  I have two paintings that were accepted into the New Wings and Shy Dinosaurs show at Franklin Street Gallery and Gift Shop – Springtime Hummingbird and Winter is for the Birds: Chickadee.  If you get a chance to stop by, opening night is next Friday May 4th.  I also finished up a commission project I’ve been working on and turned it over to its new owner.  That means that next up is Mosaic…

But first, I’m taking a trip west.  I haven’t been west of New York State in about five years now since when I moved back to the area from Wyoming.  As they say, the mountains are calling and I must go.  I’m still trying to figure out all the little details of my trip, but I’m sure it will be full of fun adventures and pretty things along the way.  Final destination is visiting my friend in Colorado and seeing the Edgar Degas exhibit in Denver!

Don’t worry, I’ll still be continuing the recap of Summer Mosaic 2017 (technology is a wonderful thing).  Can you believe we’re halfway through the recap now?  You know what is exciting?  I’ve already started to see some of the artists start this year’s project.  Be sure to check out Rebecca Finch, Beth Landin, and Lee O’Connell over on Instagram.

So this week we looked at Days 22-28 of Summer Mosaic 2017.  Here’s a recap of this week’s paintings.

Painting 22 – Fabius Country Road


​You know those random places I stumble onto that I was talking about on last week’s blog post?  This was one of these finds.  I think this location may be the furthest place east included in the Summer Mosaic 2017 collection.  I found this while driving on country roads up near Syracuse.

I loved the bright warm greens and yellows of the land and the horizontal patterns that were created at the division between each color.  The road leading through the painting reminds me that the next adventure could be just down that road.

Original painting available for purchase. 

Painting 23 – Shequaga Falls


​One of the beautiful parts about living in New York is the hidden waterfalls throughout the region.  This is one that I frequent pretty often in Montour Falls – in fact, I saw it three times within this past week.  It’s right by the road so it’s easy to get to during all different seasons.

Recently I was able to find the way up to the top of the falls.  There’s a bridge that goes across the top that is accessible to traffic and it gives a beautiful view overlooking the town of Montour Falls.  It was interesting to see where the falls comes from and follow it along the creek that feeds into it.

Original painting (framed) available for purchase.

Painting 24 – EC Fountain


Elmira College was originally an all women college – one of the first. It is now coed and also holds a rich history of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) artifacts, including the Mark Twain Study seen earlier in the recap. The campus goes through the heart of Elmira.  This painting shows a fountain that is on their campus.

Original painting (framed) available for purchase. 

Painting 25 – Chemung River in Autumn


The Chemung River played an important role in the development of the small city of Elmira, New York. The Chemung Canal used to be central in transporting goods to and from the manufacturing industries throughout the region. Pictured in the painting is the Chemung Canal Trust Company which has also been an important part in Elmira history.

My favorite part of the painting (and what inspired me to paint it) was the rusted train bridge crossing the river. This train bridge turns into the same one shown in one of the earlier paintings of the recap. I liked the texture of the metal and how the color contrasted against the water.

Painting 26 – Draper Park in Spring


​Springtime is my favorite season (okay, maybe it’s a tie with fall).  I love the beautiful colors of the trees blooming and how everything is coming back alive.  This particular spring the pinks of the trees caught my eye as I drove into downtown Owego.  I also really enjoyed the challenge of painting the statues in the background.

This is the small park on Front Street as you drive off of the Court Street Bridge.  (Can anyone confirm if this is an extension of Draper Park or if it has a name of its own?)

Original painting available for purchase. 

Painting 27 – Overlooking Newtown


If you remember back on Day 15, I mentioned that the view from Sullivan’s Monument was beautiful.  This is a glimpse of the rolling hills that you can see from the top of Battlefield State Park.  This particular time I visited it was during the fall and the reds and oranges of the leaves and the warmth that the setting sun created made the evening breathtaking!

Original painting available to purchase. 

Painting 28 – Arnot Art Museum


The Arnot family was an instrumental part of putting the city of Elmira, New York on the map.  The Greek Revival home that now houses the Arnot Art Museum was built in 1883 by John Arnot, Sr. when his son Matthias was born.  The house was later occupied by Matthias Arnot and housed his personal art collection.

When Matthias died, his home and art collection were bequeathed to the City of Elmira.  In 1913, the Arnot Art Museum opened, It displays his collection as well as other rotating exhibits of contemporary works.  I was honored to be asked to join their Holiday Art Market this past fall and display many of my works!

Here’s a link to their website to take a closer look.

Original painting available to purchase.

Another week done.  Do you have one you like best from this past week?  Those on my newsletter already found out last week about this year’s theme.  I will be doing an announcement for everyone soon!

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