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Summer Mosaic 2017 Recap

Summer Mosaic 2017 Recap

I’m excited to get started on this year’s Summer Mosaic project in the next couple of months!  I’ve already starting planning out what I’m going to be painting and it’s going to be good!  It’s going to involve some art adventures; that’s all the hints I’m going to give for now but I’ll be sure to share to take you along in the journey.

In preparation for Summer Mosaic 2018, I wanted to take some time to review my Summer Mosaic paintings from last year.  This project was a huge undertaking but also has gone a long way in networking with other local artists and organizations in the area as well as helping me grow in my skills as an artist.

Last year was the first year of 171 Cedar Arts Center’s Summer Mosaic. The project was to create 50 pieces of artwork using 6″x6″ wooden panels in a 45 day time period.  The theme I picked was Around the Finger Lakes.  I used acrylic paint to transform each wood tile into different scenes from the local area.

Right now I’m waiting to receive all my materials to get started on this year’s project.  Since we have a little time, it seems like a perfect opportunity to review last year’s pieces.  In the spirit of the project, I will be sharing one painting each day (starting today, April 1st).

Here on the blog I’ll be doing a weekly post reviewing each piece for the week.  If you haven’t already, make sure to follow my Facebook page and mark it as “see first” so you’re able to easily follow along each day (starting today!). You can also sign up for my newsletter (here) for convenient, condensed updates (and possible sneak peeks for this year’s project) right in your inbox.


Here’s a small sneak peek for what’s to come as we recap these next 50 days. I look forward to telling you more about each painting and a little bit about the sites that each was inspired by!

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