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Spontaneous Collaborative Art

Spontaneous collaborative art. Graffiti and protest art on confederate statue
Photo by @alexis_delilah via @cleowade

I wanted to share with you one of the coolest pieces of collaborative art that I’ve ever seen that is happening right now.

This 60 foot sculpture of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia unveiled on May 29, 1890 is currently scheduled to be removed. Pending the removal, there’s a very powerful expression happening at the site.

This sculpture was based on a lithograph commissioned by the Lee Monument Association using a painting by artist Adalbert J. Volck as reference.

It was then sculpted out of bronze by French sculptor Antonin Mercie.

Fast forward to present day following the death of George Floyd and the decision to remove the statue, there has been an outpouring of creative expression being seen at this site.

From the hundreds of words and pictures added to the sculpture, the projections added at night, the photographers capturing the scene. Dancers, poets, writers, musicians choosing the scene as their backdrop and inspiration. It is beautiful to see how many people have contributed to this evolving piece of public art.

I found this particular image (accompanied by her story) on Instagram by writer @ cleowade
Projection by @ videometry
Photograph by @ alexis_delilah

And this definitely is not the only place - protest art is popping up all over the country!

From large murals adorning streets, paintings on boarded up businesses, posters covering the wall erected around the White House.  Creative expression is springing up everywhere.  


Art is giving voice, bringing awareness, and eliciting hope that change is possible.

Below are a couple of my favorites so far.  Do you have any favorites you’ve seen?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Black Lives Matter street mural Washington DC from the air June 2020.
Photo by Maleek Loyd via Q City Metro (click pic for article)

Lafayette Square, Washington DC

Spontaneous collaborative art. Wall of protest signs and art on White House fence Washington DC
Photo by Matt Blitz via DCist (click pic for article with more photo of the artwork along the fence)

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