Digital puzzles featuring my artwork.  Enjoy!

Find coloring pages here.


White Orchids with Teal
6″x6″ acrylic painting on canvas panel

The Cauldron by Laura Jaen Smith. Lawn decoration at Mark Twain's Quarry Farm.

The Cauldron
8″x8″ acrylic on canvas

Triple Cascade
6″x6″ acyrlic on wood panel


White Orchids with Peach
6″x6″ acrylic painting on canvas panel

Relaxing on the Porch by Laura Jaen Smith. Painting from porch at Quarry Farm looking out at the vista of Elmira New York.

Relaxing Afternoon on the Porch
14″x11″ acrylic painting on canvas

Seneca Mill Falls
6″x6″ acrylic painting on wood panel


Taughannock Lower Falls
6″x6″ acrylic on wood panel

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