Sketchy Trees

My current ink drawing series entitled “Sketchy Trees” is a look at tree roots and rocks along waterfalls in the Finger Lakes area.  At these particular spots, the water had receded so that the tree roots underneath had been revealed.  Each drawing is based on a photograph that I took while doing my 50 New York Waterfalls Project.  Below are a few of my favorites so far.

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50 New York Waterfalls

Acrylic paintings from my 50 New York Waterfalls Project.  For the project I hiked to, photographed, and then painted each of 50 waterfalls within the Finger Lakes Region of New York all within a 60 day time period.  Each painting is 6″x6″ acrylic on wood panel.  Below are a few favorites.

Click here to explore more about the project, including a blog post sharing more about each waterfall and behind the scenes of the project.

Quarry Farm Elmira, New York

Acrylic paintings inspired by visits to Quarry Farm in Elmira, New York during the Clemens and the Pen annual artist retreat.  Quarry Farm is where Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spent his summers.  View More

Finger Lakes Region

Acrylic paintings inspired from scenes around Elmira, Corning, and the Finger Lakes Region. View More