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I thought I’d do something a little different today and share more about one of my most popular painting series – Orchids.  

A little over a year ago I bought myself a white orchid plant and have been a bit obsessed with how beautiful it is since. 

Photo of white orchid near window
Orchid with Lavender by Laura Jaen Smith. White orchid square acrylic painting against light purple background.
White Orchid with Purple, 6x6, acrylic on canvas

For Tioga Art Council’s Artfully Squared event that year I painted the first orchid painting of the series with a lavender background. 

Thrilled with how the first painting turned out, I then created another painting using my beloved orchid as a reference but with a bright blue background.  

Orchid with Blue by Laura Jaen Smith. Square acrylic painting of white orchids against sky blue background.
White Orchid with Blue, 6x6, acrylic on canvas
Orchid with Peach by Laura Jaen Smith. White orchid square acrylic painting against peach pink background.
White Orchid with Peach, 6z6, acrylic on canvas panel

Over the summer, my beautiful orchid wilted with the intense heat that we had, but I had taken plenty of reference photos.  Come springtime, I decided to paint it again, this time with a pink and peach background.  I really like how soft and warm the painting feels. 

The last of the orchid paintings (so far) is this one where I experimented with a teal and green background creating a vignette effect.  It might have been the most fun of the four to play with.

Orchid with Teal by Laura Jaen Smith. Acrylic painting of white orchids against dark teal background.
White Orchid with Teal, 6x6, acrylic on canvas panel

What will come next?  I’m not quite sure yet, but there’s sure to be other orchid paintings to come at some point.  

If you’d like to adopt one of the remaining orchid paintings you can find them here in my shop OR if you have a specific painting in mind I’m currently accepting commissions.  

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