Twelve Drummers Drumming by Laura Jaen Smith. Acrylic painting from 12 Days of Christmas series.
Painting Series

On the Twelfth (and Final) Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me…


A painting of Twelve Drummers Drumming

“Twelve Drummers Drumming” is the twelfth and final painting in the series celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas by releasing a new painting each of the first 12 days of December (or 13 days since I got a day behind from being sick).  This painting is acrylic on canvas panel and 5″x7″.
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Fun Facts

  • The song may have originated as a children’s memory and counting game.  Groups of children would take turns singing each lyric around in a circle.   If a child stumbled, forgot a lyric or got tongue-twisted, he or she was “out,” and the game continued.
  • How much would it cost to buy all the gifts from each of the verses?  There’s a company that calculates this each year allowing for inflation.  This year the gifts of the song would cost $34,131 (which is a 0.6 percent increase from last year).

What I Learned

  • Doing a daily posting is hard work.  It takes a lot of time and energy to putting together a posting like these.  Besides the painting – there is research for the background on the song verse, taking photographs and editing, creating the Etsy listing, creating a blog post, making sure all the links are working, and then getting it out on social media.  (I have a whole new respect for those who do this kind of thing everyday!)
  • It’s important to plan ahead.  You never know when life will happen (you’ll get sick or family obligations will come up), so it’s important to be at least a day ahead on the paintings, listings, and blog posts.
  • Painting people and drawing people are very different.   I’ve had many years of practice with drawing portraits in different media, however I realized quickly that I don’t have that much experience with painting people.  That being said, I think I have a new item for my New Year’s resolutions.
  • This project was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed painting on a theme and researching the topics.  Maybe it’s something I will do again soon.  Any suggestions what type of subjects you’d like to see?

Think This Collection Would Look Great in Your Home?

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