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Meet the Maker: Day 11

Day 11: Reducing Waste

There’s lots of ways that I try to reduce waste in my business and personal life. One of the most apparent is reusing old cardboard boxes for work surfaces.

I also try to reuse packing materials and boxes when I can. This tendency of reusing has led to a bit of supply hoarding and collecting of random items where if I think there’s a chance I’ll reuse something I’ll hang onto it forever (this doesn’t always go well with my minimalist ways).

I’ve also been known to go out of my way to reuse, donate, or recycle anything that I do get rid of, even when I lived in Wyoming and recycling wasn’t really a thing yet. I’ve been called many variations of hippie for my ways (though I more prefer the word bohemian if we’re going to label).

And of course, one of the big ways I reduce waste – I’m really frugal about what I buy and bring into my space in the first place.

What ways do you reduce waste?

WIP photo of Seneca Vineyard by Laura Jaen Smith

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