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March Meet the Maker (Part 2)

Today we’re continuing with week 2 of the March Meet the Maker.  If you missed week one, you can catch up here.  

Work in Progress

Preliminary sketch outline of Two Blue Chairs by Laura Jaen Smith on tabletop easel
Picture of artworks in progress from lake series by Laura Jaen Smith

My current project is the 100 Day Project where I challenged myself to 100 small paintings.  The idea was that I would complete a painting each day, but I’ve fallen a bit behind.  So here is a glimpse at my desk as I try to get closer to caught up.  

To check out my progress with the project so far you can go here.

Learning Curve

Pretty much every day of being an artist and entrepreneur is a learning curve.  There’s always something new to learn and implement – whether it’s learning a new social media platform to share my work, trying out a new skill for the first time, or researching new business strategies.  Being able to be learning something new constantly is a part I enjoy about being an artist.  

Small Detail

Escape to Paradise by Laura Jaen Smith. Giant palette-shaped painting of waterfall in Cascadilla Gorge Ithaca New York
Close up of river rocks from painting "Escape to Paradise" by Laura Jaen Smith. Palette shaped painting of waterfall in Cascadilla Gorge Ithaca, New York

Here’s a zoomed in detail shot of one of my favorite parts of the painting Escape to Paradise that I created last year for the Palettes of Keuka.  The scale of the project (almost 4 foot width) made it a challenge to add all the little pieces of details throughout the piece.  I love how it came out, especially this zoomed in area of the painting.


Corona Self-Portrait: Love by Laura Jaen Smith. Gouache self portrait of woman in grey sweatshirt with LOVE in black letters across it, Brown partial pigtails. Red background.

Last spring I experimented with gouache to create a series of self-portraits that I call my Corona Self-Portraits.  They chronicle the beginning months of the pandemic.  This one is probably my favorite of the series.  You can view the rest of them here.  

In Use

Photo of artwork from solo spotlight artist Laura Jaen Smith March 2021 exhibit "The Beauty Right in Front of Us"
Sunny Afternoon, Acrylic painting

This is an example of what my artwork looks like in use (and available for use).  These paintings are part of my current guest artist showcase at Gallery 41 in Owego, NY – The Beauty Right in Front of Us.  The exhibit includes 40 of my acrylic paintings and ink drawings of the Finger Lakes area of New York.  If you’re in the area and are able to this month, I’d love for you to take a look!  (Gallery 41’s website for details on hours, directions, etc.).

Are you also participating in March Meet the Maker this year?  Let me know so I can follow along with yours!

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