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Little Pumpkins (Work in Progress)

I’ve been painting these little pumpkins lately and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share them with you!  So far there’s a purple one that reminds me of Cinderella, a jack o’lantern, a teal one, and the newest one is this pretty brown one.  

Three little pumpkin paintings sitting on a shelf. Jack o'lantern glowing in the dark. Light purple background with white pumpkin. Teal background with orange pumpkin.
Latte Pumpkin and Lavendar Pumpkin small paintings. Tan background with cream pumpkin in foreground. Lavender background with white pumpkin in the background

I might do a few more but it really depends what I can fit in between my other projects I have going on.  Any color suggestions?

Available for Sale

These will be available for sale coming soon – I’m thinking I’ll drop them into my shop this Friday September 23rd.  You can check out my shop here (hit the “fall” tab to see all the fun autumn items already available and the pumpkins when they’re listed).  

About the Artist

Photo of Laura Jaen Smith

Laura Jaen Smith is an artist who lives and works out of Horseheads, New York. Her inspiration comes from observing the beauty she sees around her.  After a decade living out west, she returned back to New York State and started seeing the same old places with new eyes.  She is most interested in capturing small moments in nature that might otherwise be overlooked.

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