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Shop original paintings and drawings, cards, bookmarks, and more.  There’s also a place to give tips or donations to support my art practice.  

I’m phasing out my Etsy shop but you can still find some additional items here during the transition.  Original paintings and drawings, hand-painted birdhouses, printed cards, and more.  

Print on Demand Shop.  Find T-shirts, mugs, prints, bags, and all sorts of merchandise with my beautiful art on them.  Tip: to browse my designs use the left menu to navigate categories (the top menu will pull in artists from the whole site)

Use the top right menu to browse my page.  Check out my portfolio, read my blog, learn more about me and my art practice, and find out where to see my art in person.

Takes you directly to my blog page.  I release a new blog each Monday.  Topics include current projects, artist tips, monthly events, and local places.

View my 50 New York Waterfalls Project where I hiked to, photographed, and then painted 50 waterfalls of the Finger Lakes within 60 days. View the paintings and learn more about each of the waterfalls.

Takes you to a sign up page for my newsletter.  I send a monthly email at the beginning of the month sharing upcoming events, exciting updates, a look at what I’m currently working on, and an inspirational quote. 

Social Medias

Follow along on your favorite social media – Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok.  I post daily with finished pieces, works in progress, inspirational quotes, and art tips.  Check out my YouTube for videos of projects, on location waterfall clips, interactive art show previews, and more to come.

Tips & Donations

Being an emerging artist can get expensive.  Tips and donations help to offset the costs of supplies, show entries, and everyday living expenses.  

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