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Inktober 2022 Part 1

Ink month is here again!  Here’s a recap of the first week of the drawing challenge.  This year I decided to use the official set of Inktober prompts but with a cat theme.  I have thousands of kitten pictures that I’ve been looking for an excuse to use.  Enjoy!  

All the drawings (so far) are 3×3, .05 Pigma Micron ink pen and Inktense Blocks.  The first six are on Canson mixed media paper before I switched to watercolor paper (which can handle water better).  You can follow along daily on my progress on social media (@LauraJaenArt).

Day 1: Gargole

Gargoyle by Laura Jaen Smith. Drawing of a majestic black cat sitting with blue background

Day 2: Scurry

Scurry by Laura Jaen Smith. Grey mother cat laying on back with baby grey and black newborn kittens trying to feed.

Day 3: Bat

Bat by Laura Jaen Smith. Two black kittens, one batting the other on the nose.

Day 4: Scallop

Scallop by Laura Jaen Smith. Grey kitten curled up into a backwards c shape with pink background.

Day 5: Flame

Flame by Laura Jaen Smith. Grey cat looking towards the light of a candle.

Day 6: Bouquet

Bouquet by Laura Jaen Smith. Grey cat sniffing a bouquet of color flowers.

Day 7: Trip

Trip by Laura Jaen Smith. Grey cat inside a travel carrier looking unhappy through the bars.

Day 8: Match

Match by Laura Jaen Smith. Two black kittens, one trying to lay their head on the other while sleeping.

Someone requested that I make these into stickers, which is a fun idea!  Check out my RedBubble shop for stickers with the kitties.

Are you working on an art challenge this month too?

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