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Inktober 2021: Part 5

And done!  This the final recap of ink month.  Which are your favorites from this year’s challenge?  I have so many that I ended up really liking this year.  I combined three different prompt lists I found for this year’s challenge.  My drawings are based off of the prompts from the official Inktober list, Floral Inktober by @camilla_damsbro_art, and Spellstober by @smalltownspells.  The result of combining the three was a really cohesive body of work that has a nice farmhouse/cottagecore kind of vibe.

All the drawings from this week are 6×6, .05 Pigma Micron ink pen on Strathmore mixed media paper.  On a couple of the drawings I tried out a white pen – Uni-ball Signo Broad, and for the dark night sky I used a Copic Gasenfude Nylon Brush pen.  Check out my social media (@LauraJaenArt) for more pictures and videos from this year’s challenge.

I have just about all the designs added to my RedBubble shop on different kinds of merch – shirts, notebooks, bags, etc,   I also was finally able to find a non-rainy day to grab some matboard (to cut mats) so the originals will be available soon from my Etsy shop.

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Day 24: Extinct, Amarylis, Leaves

Inktober day 24 ink drawing challenge. Potted amaryllis and stuffed mammoth on book on windowsill with autumn leaves on tree outside window.

Day 25: Splat, Chrysanthemum, Kettle

Table with big breakfast - teapot, stack of pancakes, vase of dahlias, folded newspaper, fork, knife, plate with two fried eggs and toast, tea in teacup with saucer.

Day 26: Connect, Iris, Key

Inktober day 26 ink drawing challenge. Cat laying on keys of piano, vase of irises on back. Painting hanging over piano and guitar in background.

Day 27: Spark, Frangipani, Vase

Inktober day 23 ink drawing challenge. Kitchen sink looking out window at fireworks in the night sky. Unique vase and small plant on windowsill, round vase of frangipani on counter left of sink.

Day 28: Crispy, Morning Glory, Ribbon

Inktober day 28 ink drawing challenge. Corner cafe booth with plate of fries, milkshake, and wrapped present. Morning glories visible growing outside the window.

Day 29: Patch, Cosmos, Ladybug

Inktober day 29 ink drawing challenge. Sewing room with patchwork quilt on antique singer machine, vase of cosmos and sewing box on back table. Framed picture of ladybug on leaf hanging on back wall.

Day 30: Slither, Nasturtium, Lavendar

Inktober day 30 ink drawing challenge. Round clear vase of nasturtium next to uniquely shaped greek-inspired vase with two snakes on it with lavender inside.

Day 31: Risk, Zinnia, Garden Gate

Inktober day 31 ink drawing challenge. Cat sleeping at garden gate with zinnia in foreground.

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year!

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