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Inktober 2021: Part 4

Another week down, do you have a favorite so far?  This is a recap of week four of ink month (here is the recap of week 1, recap of week 2 and recap of week 3 if you missed them).  I combined three different prompt lists I found for this year’s challenge.  My drawings are based off of the prompts from the official Inktober list, Floral Inktober by @camilla_damsbro_art and Spellstober by @smalltownspells.  

All the drawings from this week are 6×6, .05 Pigma Micron ink pen on Strathmore mixed media paper.  You can follow along day to day on social media (@LauraJaenArt).

If you fall in love with any of the drawings, I’ve been adding the designs to my RedBubble shop on different kinds of merch – shirts, prints, coasters, etc, and will be uploading the originals at some point this month to my Etsy shop.

Day 17: Collide, Peony, Glass

Inktober day 17 ink drawing challenge. End table with round clear vase of peonies, pendulum, glass of wine and bottle.

Day 18: Moon, Orchid, Ivy

Inktober day 18 ink drawing challenge. Dark room with open window, moon with moonlight streaming in highlighting pot of orchid and ivy hanging above.

Day 19: Loop, Ranuncululs, Jam

Inktober day 19 ink drawing challenge. Counter with started knitted scarf with ball of yarn, plate of thumbprint cookies with jar of jam, tall vase of ranunculus flowers.

Day 20: Sprout, Wisteria, Bee

Inktober day 20 ink drawing challenge. Five potted sprouting plants on deck with garden shovel, wisteria hanging in the background, bee flying.

Day 21: Fuzzy Larkspur, Sun

Inktober day 21 ink drawing challenge. Cut flowers laying on table - sunflower, pussy willows, and larkspur.

Day 22: Open, Snowdrop, Citrus

Inktober day 22 ink drawing challenge. Storefront with open sign on door, potted lemon tree and snowdrop flowers in vase in front window.

Day 23: Leak, Hibiscus, Frog

Inktober day 23 ink drawing challenge. Backyard koi pond with small waterfall in background, lilypads and frog, hibiscus flowers.

Do you have a favorite from the challenge so far?  I’d love to know.  

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