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Inktober 2021: Part 2

Here’s a recap of week two of ink month (here’s the recap of week 1 if you missed it).  I combined three different prompt lists I found for this year’s challenge.  My drawings are based off of the prompts from the official Inktober list, Floral Inktober by @camilla_damsbro_art and Spellstober by @smalltownspells.  

All the drawings (so far) are 6×6, ,03 Pigma Micron ink pen on Strathmore mixed media paper.  You can follow along on my progress on social media (@LauraJaenArt).

If you fall in love with any of the drawings, I’ve been adding the designs to my RedBubble shop for different kinds of merch, and will be uploading the originals at some point this month to my Etsy shop

Day 3: Vessel, Hydrangea, Honey

Inktober day 3 ink drawing challenge. Table with plate of stacked pancakes, vase of hydrangea, honey, and coffee cup with saucer.

Day 4: Knot, Snapdragon, Bread

Inktober day 4 ink drawing challenge. Table with basket of bread, bread sliced on cutting board, hand bouquet of snapdragons.

Day 5: Raven, Rose, Mouse

Inktober day 5 ink drawing challenge. Rose garden with decorative birdbath, raven sitting on top, mouse at bottom.

Day 6: Spirit, Hollyhocks, Mandrake

Inktober day 6 ink drawing challenge. Garden workbench with mandrake,, small shovel, empty pot,, and bottle of spirits on it, hollyhocks in background.

Day 7: Fan, Poppy, Vial

Inktober day 7 ink drawing challenge. Glass vial with single poppy inside, decorative fan behind.

Day 8: Watch, Lavender, Sprout

Inktober day 8 ink drawing challenge. Windowsill with vase of lavender, small sprouting plant, and watch.

Day 9: Pressure, Violet, Lamp

Inktober day 9 ink drawing challenge. Table with lit lamp, open day planner, and pot of african violets.

Do you have a favorite from this past week?  I’d love to know.  

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