Inktober 2018: Recap Week 4

Just a few days left of the month and of the Inktober challenge!  (If you’d like to look back on the past weeks you can do so here – Week 1Week 2Week 3.)

Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker which encourages artists to create a drawing each day with ink based on a list of daily prompts.  The challenge lasts all 31 days of October and happens each year at this time.  You can go here for the official rules and prompt list.

Here are my drawing for the fourth week of the challenge!

Day 22 - Expensive

Day 23 - Muddy

Day 24 - Chopped

Day 25 - Prickly

Day 26 - Stretch

Day 27 - Thunder

Day 28 - Gift

Do you have any favorites so far?

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