Inktober 2018: Recap Week 3

Can you believe I’ve made it up through the third week of Inktober so far this year?  I’m proud of myself!  (If you’d like to look back on the past weeks you can do so here – Week 1 and Week 2.)

Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker which encourages artists to create a drawing each day with ink based on a list of daily prompts.  The challenge lasts all 31 days of October and happens each year at this time.  You can go here for the official rules and prompt list.

Here are my drawing for the third week of the challenge!

Day 15 - Weak

Day 16 - Angular

Based from a photograph of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado that I took this spring during my roadtrip out west.  Below is a picture of Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak in the background (not the photo I used as a reference for the sketch, but another one that I took during my trip).

Day 17 - Swollen

Day 18 - Bottle

Day 19 - Scorched

Played with some different sized pens for this one.  Years ago I had a boyfriend that was a writer.  He would write chapters for his fantasy novel and have me do the illustrations and concept drawings.  I had forgotten how fun that used to be – it’s been way too long since I’ve drawn a dragon.

Day 20 - Breakable

Very quick sketch of a drawing that I did years ago with a similar theme. The five minute sketch of course doesn’t do justice to a drawing that took days to complete from initial concept, drafts, to finally bringing the idea to fruition.  It’s one of my favorite drawings that I’ve ever done.  One of these days I might just frame it.  The original (below) is a 18×24 lithocrayon drawing and explores the subject of transmutation.  

Day 21 - Drain

Just 10 more days to go!  Do you have a favorite so far?

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