Inktober 2018: Recap Week 2

Week two done for the the Inktober drawing challenge!  If you missed my week 1 drawings you can catch up on the blog post from last week here

Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker which encourages artists to create a drawing each day with ink based on a list of daily prompts.  The challenge lasts all 31 days of October and happens each year at this time.  You can go here for the official rules and prompt list.

Here are my drawing for the second week of the challenge!

Day 8 - Star

Day 9 - Precious

Day 10 - Flowing

Day 11 - Cruel

Day 12 - Whale

Day 13 - Guarded

Day 14 - Clock

Are you participating in Inktober this year also?  Let me know where I can find your drawings!

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