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Happy Birthday Renoir

In honor of French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s birthday, here is a little bit about him and his accomplishments!
Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil (1873)
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born this day, February 25, 1841.  He lived until the age of 78, however if still alive today he would be 176!  
  • He was part of the first impressionist exhibition in 1874 where he displayed six paintings.
  • His art typically involved intimate, candid portraits characterized by vibrant light and saturated colors.
  • Renoir traveled to places such as Algeria, Madrid, Florence, Rome, Sicily, Guernsey, Montmartre, where he studied the works great artists.
  • After a trip to Italy in 1881, Renoir was inspired by the classical style of painting by the Renaissance masters and spent the next several years painting in a more formal style of portraits and figure paintings.
  • Later in life he switched his style again to focus on painting nudes and domestic scenes.
  • In 1919 (the year of his death) he was able to see one of his paintings hanging next to the old masters at the Louvre. 
  • The largest collection of Renoir’s paintings is at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which houses 181 of his paintings.   
The Two Sisters, On the Terrace (1881)
Girls at the Piano (1892)
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