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Happy Birthday Monet!

Did you know that today is one of my favorite artists’ birthday?  I had the awesome opportunity to view many of his paintings and inspirations in person a few years ago in Buffalo.  You can read more about the experience here.  

To celebrate his birthday, here are some quick fun facts about Claude Monet:

  • Claude Monet was born November 14, 1840 and died December 8, 1926
  • He died at the age of 86, but if he was still alive today he would be 182 years old
  • Monet came from a French working class family which was in contrast to many prominent painters during that time period
  • He was an impressionist painter – a term given to the movement by art critic Louis Leroy when reviewing Monet’s “Impression, Sunrise” in the first exhibit of the movement in 1874
  • The Impressionist movement sought to display the artist’s perception of a subject matter; artists worked en plein air and painted with small touches of paint to capture moments of color and light
  • Monet’s wife Camille was the subject of several of his paintings
  • Monet designed his own gardens at this home in Giverny and many of his masterpieces were inspired by this beautiful landscape
  • He often times reused canvases and because of this many of his paintings may have unknown treasures hidden beneath
  • Monet had severe cataracts which may have affected his paintings in later years
  • In his last 30 years he painted about 250 oil paintings

Do you have a favorite Monet painting?

Photos (in order of appearance):

  • Claude Monet, photograph, 1899, Nadar
  • Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge, oil on canvas, 1897-1899, Claude Monet
  •  Wheatfields (Snow Effect, Morning), oil on canvas, 1891, Claude Monet
  • In the Woods at Giverny- Blanche Hoschedé at Her Easel with Suzanne Hoschedé Reading, oil on canvas, 1887, Claude Monet

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