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Gallery 116 Opening Reception

Friday was the opening reception of Gallery 116 – a pop-up gallery in downtown Elmira by Community Arts of Elmira.  This gallery is housed in an office space that is currently being remodeled by Capriotti Properties.  
​The show started in the middle of July during the Elmira Street Painting Festival and will soon be reaching its end at the close of August.  I currently have four acrylic paintings that are part of the show.  One painting has already been sold, which means this show may be your last chance to see it before it is adopted into its new space!  This show features three paintings showing the beauty of Elmira – Eldridge Park at Sunset, Riverfront Park in Autumn, and Dragon Boats at Twilight – and my all time favorite acrylic painting – Country Lilacs.  
The gallery space is beautiful and bright.  It’s the perfect inviting space to bring passerbys in from the street to view work from local artists.  In the back there is a small work space feature more artwork and an area for creative projects – currently coloring and painting rocks.
​The opening reception was full of people streaming in and out.  It was a great place to meet and talk to some of the artists featured in the show. 
Featured Artists in Gallery 116:
Bethany Blanchard
Kristine Brown
Ron Dixon
Maria Gobea
Laura Jaen
Diane Janowski
Christina Johnson
Brian LaBelle
Andrew LaVere
Rich LaVere
Cameron MacDonell
Richie Page
Allen C. (Denny) Smith
David Tremaine
​If you weren’t able to make it down on Friday evening for the opening reception, the show will be up for viewing through the end of August and is open Monday through Friday  11am-1pm.
Also keep an eye out for other pop-up galleries in the downtown area as the revitalization projects start to take place.  There will be a mural coming on the side of the building where Gallery 116 is currently being housed.  If you have any ideas of what should go up in this spot reply to the post linked below.
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