Fun Fact Friday graphic - Bucchero was a technique used by the Etruscan artists for pottery. The clay piece was burnished then fired in an oxygen-starved kiln which resulted in a black shiny surface.
Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday: The Etruscans Pt2

If you read last Friday’s blog post you know that the Etruscans are one of my favorite ancient civilizations.  They existed between the Greek and Roman periods.  I watched a fascinating documentary series on Great Courses called the Mysterious Etruscans about them last week, so I’m sharing some highlights about them these next couple of weeks. 

This week – Bucchero.  Bucchero is a type of pottery that the Etruscans were known for.  The pottery has a black shiny surface as a result of the oxygen-deprived, smoke-filled environment in which it was fired.  

Etruscan bucchero pottery
Terracotta kantharos (vase), 7th century B.C.E., Etruscan, terracotta, 18.39 cm high (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Here is an example of what this type of pottery looked like.  If you’d like to read more about Bucchero pottery or see more examples of the different types of styles you can click here for a great article from Khan Academy.

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