Fun Fact Friday graphic. According to the archaeological evidence, the first man-made glass was in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3500 BC.
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Fun Fact Friday: Glass Art

Glass art is fascinating and has been around for quite a long time.  This weekend is the Holiday Open House at Corning Museum of Glass.  If you’re anywhere in the area of Corning, New York you should stop by and check out the museum.  There’s always fun demos of the different types of glass making processes and lot of activities for all ages.  Here’s a link to where you can learn more about the activities going on this weekend for the open house.

Also going on this weekend:

Urban Arts Crawl in Corning Friday night 5-8pm.  There’s an opening reception at 171 Cedar Arts for Brian Keeler’s show Luminous Lakes.  The Gingerbread Invitational Awards Ceremony will be happening at the Rockwell Museum.

Sunday will be the Under the Dome craft fair at the Murray Athletic Center.

Hope you take a moment to take in some arts this weekend!

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