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    Sketchy Trees Update

    When I started drawing my Sketchy Tree series a year ago, I had no idea that it would span this long and encompass so many drawings.  The series has a total of 39 pieces of art – 13 large drawings of trees with exposed roots and 26 small drawings of interesting rock, roots,…

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    January 2023 Events

    Things are slowing down a little for the month of January.  There’s one new show coming up later this week, one continuing through the month, and of course you can still find my artwork up at Vines of New York.  I hope you’re staying warm and had wonderful holidays. As we go into…

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    Year in Review: 2022

    It’s always interesting looking back over the year.  A lot of times we get lost in the day to day and in the things that we didn’t get done and forget just how much we’ve accomplished.  I find it really important to take time to review what happened – what worked and didn’t, what…

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    15 Christmas Artworks From Throughout History

    As the holiday is approaching, I thought I’d share one of my favorite blog posts from a couple years ago.  It’s interesting to see how the holiday has been depicted throughout the years in art.  Do you have a favorite? Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!  I searched the interwebs for Christmas art…

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    Happy Birthday Edvard Munch

    Happy Birthday to Edvard Munch, born December 12th 1863!  As I was researching for today’s post, I quickly realized how little I knew about Edvard Munch’s life and the depth of his art.  He’s most known for his painting “The Scream” but his catalog of art is much greater than this colorful piece…

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    Tips for Photographing Your Art

    Today’s blog is about different ways you can improve the photos you take of your art.  These tips are for the beginner artist (or anyone who still struggles) to help make your art look its best while sharing online, making prints, or entering shows and publications.  My goal is to give you some tips…

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    December Events

    Lots of things happening in December!  I’ve been busy with gallery runs this past week – I’m excited to have so many things going on in so many different places.  I hope you get a moment to visit.   Would you like to stay in the loop about my 2023 calendar?  Sign up for…

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    Gift Ideas for the Creative Person on Your List

    Do you have a creative person on your list this year?  If you have someone on your list that’s interested in drawing and painting, here are some gift ideas just in time to take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday sales.  These ideas are geared towards an adult just starting out or a…

  • Happy Birthday Monet blog cover
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    Happy Birthday Monet!

    Did you know that today is one of my favorite artists’ birthday?  I had the awesome opportunity to view many of his paintings and inspirations in person a few years ago in Buffalo.  You can read more about the experience here.   To celebrate his birthday, here are some quick fun facts about Claude Monet:…

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    Artist Trick for Finding Colors (Revisited)

    Swatching your colors.  I thought this post would be a great one to visit again.  Having a key for how my paints interact has been really helpful with colors like red and yellow that I don’t work with as often.   I finally listened to a piece of art advice that I had been…