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Artist Tip: Instagram Spam Comments

Today’s blog is a little different than my usual content, but I’ve found myself having this conversation a few times recently so I think other artists (or anyone posting on a public Instagram account) might find this helpful. 

You know when you post something and it triggers the spammy auto-bots that tell you should promote it on their page?  Well below are the steps to filter them out so they don’t show up in your comments.  It will make your comment section look at lot cleaner and make your followers feel safer about interacting with your posts.

Feel free to share this with anyone who may find it useful!

Step 1

First go to your own profile on Instagram – you can click on the round picture of you/your logo on the bottom right corner.  Then press the three line menu in the top right. 

screenshot to accompany written description

Step 2

Click the Settings button on top of the list. 

Small disclaimer: Instagram tends to change their layout and features regularly, so these are the steps as of the beginning of 2022.

screenshot to accompany written description

Step 3

Select Privacy.

screenshot to accompany written description

Step 4

Select Hidden Words.

screenshot to accompany written description

Step 5

Scroll down to Custom words and phrases.  I hide in both comments and message requests (press toggle to the right).  I don’t select anything in the Offensive words and phrases section because this is based on keywords that Instagram deems offensive, which can be problematic in the way it filters content. 

Then select Manage list.

screenshot to accompany written description

Step 6

In the box, type in the words and phrase you want hidden.  The screenshot shows the ones that I have filtered out on mine so far.  As I notice new phrases being used, I add them to the list.  I try to be careful to not add any phrase that may be left by a legitimate commenter.  

screenshot to accompany written description

This small step has really helped to keep my page clear from the spammy clutter.  I hope you find it helpful too!

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