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            Generally I say that this is a place where I talk about the art world, well today I would like to amend that slightly to include the art of written words. 
            As some of you know, in addition to my art I also have been editing and proofreading books for an online publishing company called Booktrope.  We are all deeply saddened by the news that they will be closing their doors at the end of the month.  Not only does this mean that they are ceasing production on new books but also any previous book published by the company will become unavailable as of June 1, 2016. 
            In light of this decision, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the books that I have worked on and encourage you to buy a copy right away if you may be interested in reading as the titles may not be available again.

Dream Sequence by Kaitlyn Oruska

I would like to start by talking about Dream Sequence by Kaitlyn Oruska.  This was the first book (and only published) that I was in the editor role for Booktrope.  Kaitlyn’s story was an absolute dream to work on and she was a pleasure to work with.  Even after reading the story three times during the editing process, I’m looking forward to reading it again.  Each time I read it I find details of the story that I may have missed the first times.  If you’re looking for something to read that is suspenseful and always keeps you guessing, this is the book for you.  A tale of imperfect characters and their journey through life.
Title: Dream Sequence
Author: Kaitlyn Oruska
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Official Blurb: I went mad the summer of my nineteenth year… Maura Daly’s nineteen years have been plagued by madness. She lives in limbo, caught between her world and the one her enigmatic father, Kieran Daly, envisioned. Days pass on borrowed time, salvation promised only by the one who got away that night on the bridge. Ben Keaton knows the truth about Kieran, a truth he’s never admitted to Maura. He’s stayed away, hiding in the shadows from his own demons. Held captive by a promise he never intended to keep, he returns on the fifth anniversary of the night that changed everything. Star-crossed lovers challenge fate in this modern Greek tragedy. Blood will spill, leaving no one unscathed. Dream Sequence begs the age-old question – are we the sum of our fathers, or something more? And when running from the inevitable, how far is far enough?

Six Points of Light by Kalynn Bayron

Next I would like move to the books that I have proofread.  First, is the book that I began my Booktrope journey with – Six Points of Light: Hooks Origin by Kalynn Bayron.  I love creative re-imaginings of traditional fairytales so when Kalynn contacted me shortly after joining Booktrope to proofread her story, I was completely thrilled to join the team!  This story was full of surprises and truly shows how different two people’s perspectives can be and change the whole feel of the story. 
Title: Six Points of Light: Hooks Origin
Author: Kalynn Bayron
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Official Blurb:  St. Catherine’s is a place for misfits, for the forgotten; it is also the only place fifteen-year-old James Cook has ever known. Abandoned on the front steps as an infant James is raised by Sister Maddie who loves him like the mother he never knew. James possesses a genius level intellect and a kind heart but his constant state of ill health has meant that he has never had an invitation to leave the orphanage and join a family. One evening, a young boy is delivered to St. Catherine’s in the arms of his distraught mother. In her dying moments she calls out to her son the words that will set James and the young boy on a collision course with destiny, ‘Never grow up Peter.’ As James and Peter forge a seemingly unbreakable bond, James learns that his new friend is not who he appears to be. Peter is manipulative, mischievous and dangerous. As it turns out Peter is also harboring a secret whose repercussions will echo through time and pierce the veil that separates reality from make believe. Before he was Captain Hook, he was simply James, and as it turns out, he was not such a dastardly villain after all. Join some of the most beloved characters in literature as their roots are laid bare and the truth of their humble beginnings is revealed.

Title: Six Points of Light: The Lost Son
Author: Kalynn Bayron
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

In addition to Six Points of Light: Hook’s Origin, I was lucky enough to be able to work with the team again in proofreading Six Points of Light: The Lost Son.  Unfortunately it does not look like this sequel made it in before the production deadline.  It may be self-published later, however.  I will keep you posted on more details about its availability.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the cover reveal from the other day.

Fated Capture by Kristyn Eudes

Title: Fated Capture
Author: Kristyn Eudes
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Official Blurb: I am a normal seventeen-year old girl living a normal life… Well as normal as a Half-Human, Half-Craecia girl can be anyway while trying to avoid becoming an unwilling hostage of the Orfeo in the process of saving my best friend and brother from said Orfeo. Ok so I wasn’t normal and neither was my life, but it wasn’t all bad either. I am the Chosen. I know! Sounds so cool right! My very existence threatens everything Ose the leader of the Orfeo has obtained. I just don’t know how to bring him crumbling to knees yet. That’s where Lyon comes in … *sigh. Yep I’m smitten. HEY! Don’t judge me. If you had seen him you’d be smitten too. He’s all hot, sexy, protective wildness rolled into a beautiful, British-speaking male specimen and he was created just for me. Together we will do everything in our power to stop the evil from spreading and destroying the world.

My Boyfriend is a Monster by J.H. Coates

This book, My Boyfriend is a Monster, has it all.  It’s packed with suspenseful moments, graphic love scenes, gory action sequences, thought-provoking times, and lots of laughs.  I was extremely impressed by the complex paranormal world that he creates in this book and sets up for the rest of the series.  In addition to writing, James also has a Vlog that he has been posting while writting My Boyfriend is a Monster 1.5 which is tons of fun to watch and learn more about his process (check it out in the link below). 
Title: My Boyfriend is a Monster
Author: J.H. Coates
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Official Blurb:  Her ex-boyfriend beat on her. The new guy might literally eat her. Boy can Lily pick them. After fleeing her abusive boyfriend, Lily tries to salvage what’s left of a life she has always dreamed of. That’s when she meets Nathan. By appearance, he is the perfect man to save her; however, what she doesn’t know about him might literally kill her. Nathan is no ordinary being, but rather a beast from a barbaric and tragic past that has unfolded throughout time. Set against modern day Chicago, these two are about to have their violent worlds collide. Vendettas are set in motion, and relationships are put to the test. If true love can conquer all, Lily and Nathan must confront the monsters in their lives. The new fantasy novel from J.h. Coates provides a slew of Kill Bill-like characters; and, deals out as much action, sex, comedy, and suspense, as any True Blood episode might. The multiple plot lines all converge to a Shakespearean-style climax, setting up multiple chapters in the series.

Designs of Darkness to Appall by Don Lagrone

Designs of Darkness was probably the most serious book that I worked on with Booktrope.  It is a tale of one man’s journey through the military world as doctor in a psychiatry unit and beyond.  The story begins during the Vietnam War and continues through current times.  A lot of the events parallel history and are eye-awakening accounts of oversight in the areas of mental health – specifically PTSD – and sexual assault in the military.  I learned so much while proofreading this book and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in history, the military, government, mental illness, or just looking for a serious read.
Title: Designs of Darkness to Appall by Don Lagrone
Genre: Historical Fiction
Official Blurb:  Expecting to avoid the Vietnam War, Michael Pike is thrust into the madness plaguing the 1970s. As an Air Force doctor, Mike comes face to face with military patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. His desire to help those around him exposes awful truths, leading him and three close friends on an epic struggle, spanning many decades. From the poorly run medical practices of Camp Valkyrie, through the Saigon evacuation, and into the heart of the Pentagon; Doctor Pike discovers that the government has known the causes of PTSD since 1943. After making such revelations, the C.I.A. and government elites attempt to make a patsy out of this Southern doctor. Through courage and the support of his long time friends, Michael will survive the trials of fire in hope that he will expose the “Designs of Darkness” in American Government.

I also wanted to mention a special thanks to author, Pembroke Sinclair, who encouraged me to apply to Booktrope and has quite the library of published books now.  She writes in several genres – horror, sci-fi, westerns, non-fiction, children stories, paranormal romances – pretty much she does it all and fantasticly!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessicarobinsonauthor.
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