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A Week of Openings

This week was a week of openings.  Not my own, but still exciting all the same.  Thursday night was the opening of two different exhibits at Community Arts of Elmira.  Interpretations by Rich, Andrew, & Connie LaVere and Animal Kingdom (Up Close) by Rod & Kyle Reynolds.  Both shows have the interesting concept of father and son working together in different mediums.  In Interpretations (shown below), Rich and Connie provide the beautiful photography and then Andrew draws detailed black and white drawings of the scenes.  In Animal Kingdom, Kyle photographs incredible nature subjects while Rod paints the animals with bold neon colors.  (Unfortunately the picture I took did not save).  Both shows definitely need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  The exhibits can be viewed Fridays and Saturdays 11am to 1pm at 413 Lake Street in Elmira.
Friday night offered two more opening receptions – this time in Corning.  At West End Gallery Inspirations featuring art by Trish Coonrad, Jennifer Fais, Judy Soprano, and Wynn Yarrow was on display.  There was beautiful harp music upstairs and the entire place was completely packed with people admiring art (so packed that the picture below has little to do with the current exhibit inside but I thought it was pretty nonetheless).  I’m thinking I may go back at another time to better be able to take in all the paintings.   As a side note, there’s a large collection of GC Meyers paintings going up along the stairway that is a must see as well.  The second opening was at 171 Cedar Arts for An Artist Explores Consciousness by Satyavani Pippalla Akula.  I was unable to attend on Friday, but I look forward to stopping by to see it another time soon.
Saturday I picked up 3/4 paintings from Gallery 116 (the other had sold and was delivered to its new owner!).  The remaining three paintings are back up in my Etsy shop for sale if you’re interested in giving these beautiful pieces a new home outside of being stored away in my studio.  
I then went on an impromptu adventure, following the river and up into the hills just to see where it would lead me.  It definitely did not disappoint.
I might have a slight long-standing obsession with these round hay bales so you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to come across this field full of them!  The trip resulted in many pictures and lots of artistic inspiration.



The week rounded off by receiving an invite to next year’s Mosaic event at 171 Cedar Arts!  Look at those stats from this year’s event!  So excited for next year!  I welcome any suggestions you may have on possible themes for me to think about.  Here are some of the highlights from 2017:
  • Thurs Private Preview: 85 guests, 18 artists
  • Fri Mosaic Bash: 99 guests, 16 artists, 11 guests of artists
  • 1150 six inch square artworks
  • $19,500 in sales
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