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2018 Summer Mosaic End of Project Update

These last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  I’m not sure what there is to say when you finish a project that’s so large and intense in such a condensed small amount of time.  It feels like time has been speeding by and the moment that the display is set, time just stops.  Maybe the best visual similar to what I picture in mind would be from the Flash.  Anyone know what I’m talking about? 

The show was installed this past weekend and opened up for viewing Monday.  I took a small peek at it Monday evening when I was in the area picking up and dropping off work for an upcoming show next week at The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.  It looks amazing!  If you get a chance you should pop by to take a look in person before the pieces start to sell at the VIP Reception Thursday night. 

Photo of installation of 50 NY Waterfalls Collection Summer Mosaic 2018 at 171 Cedar Arts

Here are the show viewing and event times, it’s located in the Drake House of 171 Cedar Arts Center at 155 Cedar Street, Corning, New York:

July 16-18: Public Viewing during normal gallery hours (9am-8:30pm)

July 19 5:30-9pm: VIP Opening Reception, $70 tickets available. Sales on artwork begin at 5:30pm, pieces are removed from the wall as soon as purchased.

July 20 7-9pm: Mosaic Bash, $40 tickets available.  Sales continue of remaining pieces.

July 21-22: Public Viewing and sale of remaining pieces (Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm)

For more information about the events including a link to purchase tickets and details for those wanting to purchase from afar, read more here.7

New Waterfalls Visited & New Paintings

Since the last update I’ve visited these 6 different waterfall areas listed below and painted 36 more waterfalls.  I’m not going to post them all here again today but hopefully you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram so you’ve been able to join me with these adventures as they were happening.

Buttermilk Falls

Businessman’s Lunch Falls

Stony Brook State Park

Papermill Falls

Genesee Riverway

Treman State Park


Photo of 50 NY Waterfalls Collection Summer Mosaic 2018

After finishing painting late Friday night/Saturday morning, I spent time figuring out the best arrangement of all the pieces.  I ended up going with a geographical arrangement.  Waterfalls from the west portion of the Finger Lakes were put on the left, transitioning through to ones that were to the east into the Central New York area. 

Photo of 50 NY Waterfalls Collection Summer Mosaic 2018

Saturday afternoon it was time to install the display.  Luckily the job is made easier by having a grid to work by.  The grid was hung up in the desired location and then I pounded in 50 little nails for the paintings to hang on. 

While 49 of the paintings are unframed, they have a small hole in the back portion that makes them ready to hang right away.  I think that the paintings have a fun contemporary feel when displayed without frames.  Take a look at what I mean with the paintings that I purchased during last year’s Summer Mosaic event.  I really like that the small size makes them great for any location (even a small skinny wall like the one in the picture to the right).  


Summer Mosaic paintings


I took a few minutes while arranging the pieces to come up with some fun different possible collections for buyers, though there are several of ways to display your favorites!  Click on the thumbnail below to view in a larger size.  

I didn’t think of it when I was taking the pictures, but if you were looking for a display for a larger wall it could be fun to have a square outline of unframed paintings and then in the center have the framed piece (for that arrangement you would probably need 16 unframed and 1 framed) – you could also put a framed photo of your family in front of one of the falls as the center piece instead.   

I’m happy to help brainstorm decorating suggestions for anyone who might be considering starting a collection!

I created a dedicated page for this year’s Summer Mosaic project where you can get more details about the project and see all 50 of the paintings.  While it surely isn’t the same as seeing it in person, I hope you’re able to enjoy taking a look.

See you at the events if you’re able to make it! 

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