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100 Day Project 2022: Part 8

Another week has gone by.  Here’s what I’ve worked on this past week for days 54 through 61.  If you’re not familiar with the 100 Day Project or want to take a look at the previous days, check out my recent blog posts.  

It feels like most of the week was spent prepping, starting new things, and generally being all over the place, but as I was looking back I realized that I did finish the drawing and bookmarks that I had started the end of last week.  I put both the Yellow Crocus and the previous Purple Crocus drawing designs up on my RedBubble shop, so if you’re interested in a mug or t-shirt or all sorts of other fun things with one of these designs, they’re now available (as well as the Sketchy Tree series).

Work in progress photo of Yellow Crocus ink drawing by Laura Jaen Smith
Yellow Crocus ink drawing by Laura Jaen Smith. Ink drawing of painted yellow crocus with black and white ink background of grass and leaves
Work in progress photo of Yellow Crocus Bookmarks by Laura Jaen Smith
Yellow Crocus bookmarks by Laura Jaen Smith. Black and white ink drawing background of grass and leaves with yellow crocus on each center.

I thought the bookmarks turned out really fun so I decided to prep some more of them.  I cut more out from scrap pieces of paper I’ve been saving and taped off the edges.  I also outlined the painted parts for some <spoiler> daffodil bookmarks and painting that will be in a similar style.

Pile of scrap papers in two plastic drawers
Two piles of cut bookmarks on desk
Photo of prepped bookmarks with taped edges
Photo of prepped bookmarks with taped unicorn edges
Photo of prepped paper with pencil outlines

I started a set of bookmarks with a creek theme with some of the one that I prepped (and I ended up finishing them yesterday).  These are based off the ink drawing I did recently for 6x6x2022 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center.  That show will be coming up in June and I’ll give more details as it gets closer for if you want to see it in person or have the chance at owning the drawing.

Work in progress of Ithaca Creekbed ink drawing bookmarks by Laura Jaen Smith
Three hand-drawn ink drawing bookmarks with the drawing Ithaca Creekbed

I did a little bit of work on this new Sketchy Tree that I started at the end of the week.  I’m still looking for some new spots for reference photos.  All the Sketchy Tree drawings so far have been from two spots – Ithaca Falls and Wells Falls (both in Ithaca, NY) – where the water recedes during warmer parts of the year and you can see the tree roots exposed underneath from the trees along the creek.  I’m looking for other spots in the Finger Lakes area where this happens, if you know of any places please send me a message! 

Work in progress photo of Sketchy Trees 6 ink drawing by Laura Jaen Smith
Work in progress photo of Sketchy Trees 6 by Laura Jaen Smith
Photo of prepped paper with colorfully taped edges

And lastly I prepped a new project I want to experiment with.  I’m excited to see if it will work out the same way I picture it in my head. 

You can follow along real time over on social media!

We’re now over halfway through the project !  Are you participating in the 100 Day Project this year too?  I’d love to know what your project is and follow along!

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