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100 Day Project 2022: Part 2

First full week of the 100 Day Project is done, let’s take a look at the past week!  First a small recap – the 100 Day Project is an event where people around the world commit to 100 days exploring their creativity in some way.  You choose your own focus and do something towards it each day of the challenge.  This year my project is 30+ minutes in the studio every day.  

The challenge started on Sunday February 13th, so by the time you read this we will be on day 9.  For this recap though let’s look at days 1 through 7 (Sunday-Saturday).  So far we’re right on track with time in the studio each day totaling about 13 hours (and I hit my year goal of 20 hours for the month this week too!).  Here are some highlights from the past week.  

Photo of back of framed artwork

I (re)framed two pieces for an upcoming show.  The original frames that I had gotten for them were too thin and didn’t have room to apply a gallery style backing, so I ended up going to the store to find different ones that I could drill into to put the proper backing on for the event.  

Why does the frame need a wire backing instead of the standard sawtooth hanger that comes on picture frames?  Perhaps for everyday use in your home they don’t, but many galleries require using a wire backing because they use a hanging system with hooks that attach onto a wire.

This week I also worked on and finished this ink drawing which is part of a series of tree roots and rocks that I’ve been drawing lately.  I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the different textures and creating curves and depth in the tree roots. 

Sketchy Tree 3 by Laura Jaen Smith. Finished ink drawing on sketchpad with pen.
Work in progress photo of Summer Afternoon on the Porch by Laura Jaen Smith. Painting from Quarry Farm Elmira, New York.

I started a new painting this week!  And I realized that I haven’t actually painted since last March.  With the arrival of the kittens I’ve been hesitant to have paint out around them.  Now that they’re a little older (and I have an approaching deadline) I’ve decided to give it a try.  I’m feeling a little rusty, but I’m sure it will come back to me soon.  Here’s a start of the new one while it was in the beginning stages. 

And even though I was planning on putting off a new ink drawing until after the painting(s) was done, I started a new one anyways.  This will be the fourth in this series from most recently – but there are a few drawings that predate the recent ones that could be considered part of the series.  It would be interesting to take a look at them all together at some point.

Work in progress photo of Sketchy Tree ink drawing by Laura Jaen Smith

You can follow along real time over on social media!

I’m excited to see where this project goes this year!  Are you participating in the 100 Day Project this year too?  I’d love to know what your project is and follow along!  

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