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100 Day Project 2022: Part 11

We’re going into the last week of the 100 Day Project now!  Have you been following along?  Here’s what I worked on for days 88 through 93 of the 100 Day Project.  If you’re not familiar with the 100 Day Project or want to take a look at the previous days, check out my recent blog posts.  

I finished the new Sketchy Tree drawing that I had started last week.  Make sure to mark your calendar for July 1st 5-8pm for opening night where my Sketchy Trees will make their gallery debut!  Right now I’m in the process of figuring out which ones to frame for the show.  If you’d like to help out and vote for your favorites you can check out my post here – thank you!

Sketchy Tree 7 by Laura Jaen Smith. Work in progress ink drawing on sketchpad
Sketchy Tree 7 by Laura Jaen Smith. Finished ink drawing on sketchpad.

I prepped papers for some small drawings.  I wanted to have some little options for the upcoming show.  

Paper with taped pink edges
Paper with taped pink edges
Paper with colorful taped edges
photo of sketchbook with two mini ink drawings by Laura Jaen Smith

Here are two mini drawings I did this week.  They’re 3″x3″.  I can’t wait to find cute little frames for them!

mini drawing of lilacs, ink pen and colors by laura jaen smith

And lastly I did this teeny tiny lilac drawing for a flower-power themed art challenge.  It may be the smallest piece I’ve done at a grand size of 2.5″x4″.

You can follow along real time over on social media!

We’re now getting to the end of the project!  Are you participating in the 100 Day Project this year too?  I’d love to know what your project is and follow along!

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