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100 Day Project 2021: Part 2

Time for another recap for the 100 Day Project!  The project started on January 31st this year and it’s been a busy couple of weeks so far.  

For my project this year, I’ve challenged myself to create a small painting each day for 100 days.  I’ve divided up the 100 days into different themes with five paintings in each collection (that way I can change things up and not get bored).  

Last recap was during the first week of the project where I was working on the first collection of the project – orchids (Recap of Part 1).  Fast forward two weeks, I’m done with collections two and three, and I’m almost finished with collection four.  


Collection 2: Winter Scenes

The second collection of paintings were winter scenes.  Winter scenes are something that I’ve always found intimidating to paint so this seemed like the perfect time to practice.  I tend to stay inside and hibernate during cold weather so it took a bit of searching in my photo archives for me to find the reference photos for this series.  My favorite part about these scenes are how seemingly ordinary they are – which really showcases the interesting shapes and textures of the snow and ice.  

I was pretty pleased about how all the paintings in the series came out, but this one seemed to be a top favorite from those who have been following along on social media.  

The reference photo was taken while taking a drive from a visit Taughannock Falls near Ithaca to Hector Falls and is overlooking Seneca Lake from Carpenter Road.  

Each painting in this series is 9×6 acrylic on watercolor paper.  With exception of the painting featured above, the scenes shown are from the Chemung County area of New York.

Collection 3: Clouds

Collection 3 features cloud paintings.  Clouds are another aspect of painting that can be very difficult (are you starting to notice a trend?).  After practicing for five days, I’m feeling slightly more comfortable on how to paint them.  Here are the five paintings from the collection.  Each is 8×6 acrylic on watercolor paper.

Collection 4: Owego Scenes

I’m excited to announce that I have a show coming up next month (March 2021) at Gallery 41 in Owego, New York!  In celebration (as well as to have a couple extra paintings to include for the show) the fourth collection’s theme is Owego Scenes!  Here are the first couple paintings in the series – more to come this week so keep an eye out on social media to view in real time. 

Do you have a favorite so far?

I’m excited to see where this project goes this year!  You can follow along in real time over on social media, check out the weekly Monday interactive art show blog posts where I’m sharing the individual collections, or check out the page of the paintings so far.

Collection 1: Orchids Art Show

Collection 2: Winter Scenes Art Show

Are you participating too?  I’d love to know what your project is and follow along!

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